2019 Progress Report

I’m big into New Years Resolutions. I like to make them, and I love to keep them. Going into 2019, I had a good mix of personal and home-related goals I wanted to tackle and I’m reviewing them all before moving on to 2020.

This was my list going in to 2019:

Organize my dang kitchen cabinets, and keep them that way!

I am still struggling with how to organize our kitchen. My solution has been to get rid of almost everything we have. We can totally pull off being a two plate, two cup kind of family, right? Luckily, a great solution is on the horizon for 2020!

Shop slower and smaller.

I am happy to report that I have probably purchased fewer things in this past year than any other year in my adult life. Between having a capsule wardrobe and being more mindful about shopping small, I’ve done away with a lot of my frivolous purchases.

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I read exactly two books this year. Not great, but the two books I read were great. Highly recommend Becoming by Michelle Obama and the Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline. I guess I also read a few cookbooks. Healthyish has become a favorite.

Paint the whole house.

Boy did we paint the whole house. And then some. I intended on only painting all of the white in the interior, but one thing led to another and 2019 brought us a fresh coat of white everywhere, a twice-painted master bedroom, a third coat of paint of the master bathroom, another coat of paint on our kitchen cabinets, two coats in the laundry room , one in the guest bedroom and one on the ENTIRE EXTERIOR. In the last couple weeks of the year we also managed to squeeze in painting the exterior of our friends house as well! Woah. Maybe my 2020 resolution should be to spend less money on paint?

Transform the laundry closet into a laundry room.

We added storage and style to our laundry room. This project took us one weekend and just $300 and my only regret is not doing it sooner. Having the additional cabinet space and shelving has been a game changer for us!

Live a healthier lifestyle.

Meh. Vague goals get vague results. We live a pretty active life without really trying, but we joined the YMCA which was helpful for getting us in a fitness routine. I also challenged myself to cook more, and that helped cut back on the amount of frozen pizza consumed, so I’m calling that a win in the healthy life department.

Explore more of Texas.

Texas is huge. A more realistic goal would have been to explore more of Houston. But we did get a chance to explore a little bit! We visited Austin a couple of times, Dallas once, and the highlight was floating down the Comal River in New Braunfels.

Keep up with this blog.

I’m still here, right?! I’m also still striving to post more frequently and always to improve my content. 2019 was a huge year in getting my feet wet, and I plan on trying to keep up again in 2020!

Overall, 2019 was good to me!

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