Second bathroom refresh design options

We recently did a very adventurous makeover in our second bathroom and I love it. Just not for this house.

I have zero regrets about hanging bold floor to ceiling wallpaper because we had fun doing it, learned how to hang wallpaper AND we got to have a really fun bathroom for a little bit. That being said, I’m giving us permission to move on to something more us…less wild.

This next attempt at the second bathroom design is definitely going to be a big leap in the right direction for us. Our style has become much more clear to us in the past year or so and we’re confident in making some more permanent changes. And after our kitchen project ended we found ourselves itching to use more Ikea systems with The Cabinet Face in more parts of our house. We love that Ikea cabinetry don’t just have to stay in the rooms they were designed for. We’ll be stepping out of the box and using a bathroom-specific system (Godmorgon) in addition to another kitchen system (Sektion) in our bathroom for maximum storage and functionality.

Beyond the flexibility with Ikea products from room to room, we are so excited to be working with The Cabinet Face on making our design dreams come true with their flexible cabinet fronts designed for Ikea products. We are having The Cabinet Face create glass-ready (or maybe cane-ready?!) fronts so we can get the exact look we’re after! This isn’t a standard offering on their website — but they were more that happy to make our vision a reality!

Which brings me to my next point—help us decide what to do!

We have narrowed it down to three options based on the big decisions we’ve already made:

  1. Keep the flooring, shower tile, and mirror, we already have.

  2. Remove existing open shelving in favor of an enclosed linen closet. We will be using the Ikea Sektion kitchen pantry with The Cabinet Face Acrylic Matte fronts in Pebble.

  3. Swap out our vanity for the Ikea Godmorgon vanity with The Cabinet Face wood veneer slab in Cherry.

When choosing which wood tone we wanted to use in this space, I was mostly looking at which tones would compliment what we already have in our house. The bathroom is separate enough from the rest of the house that I could have justified doing anything, but having one room flow to the next is important to me, so we chose the wood carefully! When looking for complimenting wood, pay attention to the tone of the wood. Stick to all warm or cool woods throughout your house and you’ll be set up for a cohesive look. We’re already using warm red oak wood, so we naturally looked at other warm woods.

Other warm woods include: Cherry, Mahogany, Hickory, and Oak

Cool woods include: Ash, Maple, Poplar, or Pine

With some of the big decisions made for this project, we are now moving on to thinking the fun smaller accents—like wall treatments, hardware, and even smaller details. I’ve narrowed it down to three options of different directions to go.

Option One - Clean & Timeless

Carry the subway tile from the shower to the rest of the room. This option is a simple and timeless solution. We would play it safe and use regular glass in the linen cabinet inset.

Get the look: Sconce | Tile | Glass

Option Two — Bold Texture

Add a bold tile accent wall behind the sink and lean into the cane trend and use caning in the linen cabinet inset. The organic look of the tile mixed with the cane would be a lovely balance of soft organic and bolder colors. This option has so much texture!

Get the look: Sconce | Tile | Cane

Option Three — Vertical Lines

Add a half wall of wainscoting (similar to our laundry room!) and try limewash on the top half of the room. It’s earthy and simple and guaranteed to flow with the rest of the house. In this option we would use reeded glass for the linen cabinet inset to carry through with that subtle vertical line motif throughout.

Get the look: Sconce | Beadboard | Reeded Glass

So what do you think? Go bold or keep it kind of simple?

This post was sponsored by The Cabinet Face. All opinions are my own.

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