The evolution of our master bedroom

There’s nothing quite like a walk down memory lane to remind you of your progress in a room!

I was just thinking about how long our current bedroom refresh project is taking, but looking back on every version of this bedroom is proof that we’ve been slowly taking steps in the right direction for the past two years!

I was proud of the first version of this bedroom.

I painted it Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, hung a quilt I made over the bed, and I felt like I had achieved the perfect modern and relaxing retreat. I didn’t buy anything new for this bedroom. I layered rugs that were too small to fill a bigger space than we previously had and really felt good about making the most of what we had.

Eventually I got tired of the quilt over the bed and wanted to make a few changes to move this in a cleaner, more grownup vibe. I also really badly wanted a vintage rug, but didn’t have the money for one, so I opted for a vintage rug pillow that brought in the look for less.

And then we got a king bed.

Along with the bed we got new throw pillows, a larger rug, and a modern drum light. It stayed this way for a while before we made the dramatic change of adding board and batten.

Before board & batten
After board & batten

Adding board and batten high contrast was a great idea (that I still love), but the black paint was a huge mistake.

LNot that it looked terrible, but it was not at all my style and I’ll be the first to admit that I was peer-pressured by strangers on the internet. I didn’t think about the low light we get in this room, and it felt so closed off and dismal to me. The black lasted for only two weeks…one of which we spent on vacation.

I landed on Valspar Urban Sunrise for the next (and longest-lasting) phase of this room.

A lovely mid-gray tone that sometimes read a little greenish depending on the light. The big mistake I made with this paint color was the finish. I chose a flat finish and with a pastel base, the paint looked a little chalky and was impossible to keep clean. It had a ton of scuffs and scratches that could not be scrubbed off. It was driving me crazy.

The chair corner has seen a lot of small updates.

Artwork and chairs have been on constant rotation, and I’ve loved highlighting the transom window over the door. From this angle, I actually love the black version the most. If only I had also loved it in real life!

The next update is currently in progress and by far the biggest one yet! We are building a faux fireplace, changing the paint color, and getting a new rug. Stay tuned for the big reveal and a roundup of all of my sources! It’s going to be good!

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