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Squarespace vs Wordpress - Featured Image

Squarespace vs WordPress

Grace van Meurer February 27, 2021 I just moved my simple blog website over from Squarespace to WordPress and I’m giddy about it. I have

02 - Budget planning for any goal@0.5x

Budget planning for any goal

Michael February 21, 2021 I started making yearly budgets after I started my first job in 2015 as a way to track my spending, saving,

10 - Plans and goals for 2021@0.5x

Plans and goals for 2021

Grace van Meurer January 1, 2021 Last year and the year before, we had some ambitious plans and goals on the home renovations front. This

18 - 2020 Progress Report@0.5x

2020 Progress Report

Grace van Meurer December 3, 2020 Welp, it’s the end of another year and here I am reflecting on the on one that has just