Checkers for everyone and everywhere

Checkered patterns have made a comeback in a big way in the past year.

The nostalgic checkerboard pattern has made a big splash in fashion and interior design over the past year and it’s easy to see why. The ubiquitous pattern can seamlessly be incorporated into any style and any room from a boho eclectic living room to to a formal traditional bathroom. 

The trend can be incorporated in an impactful and temporary way through textiles and accessories. Checkerboards come in all colors and sizes, which makes this pattern fun to personalize to fit whatever aesthetic you’re after. The simplicity of the pattern also makes it attainable—whether it’s painted floors or a quilt, checkerboards are for everyone. 

Checkerboard Rug in Transitional Interior
via Forsyth
Starway with Checkerboard Flooring
via boligmagasinet
Black and white checkerboard in traditional home stairway
via cocokelly
via domino mag
Light blue and cream checkerboard floors in retro stylish kitchen
via harvey maria
Orange and cream checkerboard floors in colorful cozy kitchen
via marc costa
Coverlet Set in beige and white Check print.
via dusen dusen
Checkerboard painted wood floors in rustic eclectic kitchen
via livingetc
via sohohome

What do you think? Are you ready to jump on board with the checkerboard trend? I know I am!  

light blue and white checkered bathroom
via buolzuend

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