Comfort Works slipcover for Article Sven sofa

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear “slipcover”, I immediately think of an uncomfortable and unattractive plastic cover to go protect a couch.

I was resistant to the idea of getting a slipcover, but my opinion changed when I learned about Comfort Works. Comfort Works makes slipcovers that are an alternative to re-upholstering and can transform your furniture without filling up a landfill or blowing your budget. They make slipcovers for almost any brand of furniture, and have a custom option as well!

My favorite aspect of Comfort Works (aside from sitting on my incredibly soft and pet friendly sofa) is their commitment to sustainability. They have timeless fabric options for any style, sturdy construction, paperless instructions, and even have a page on their website with ideas about how to reuse your old upholstery.

The custom slipcover process was so easy. We started by selecting 8 fabric swatches. I was most interested in the Claw-proof Velvet and Heavy Duty fabrics. I wanted something that would hold up to my crazy dogs. I ended up going with the Claw-proof Velvet in Cream to cover my cognac leather sofa. Comfort Works also has a helpful guide for selecting the right fabric for your lifestyle and space!

Take measurements.

I was so pleased with how simple this process was. Comfort Works sent me this infographic guide of photos to take. I sent these four pictures.


Then they sent over approximate measurements. I went over them and thought everything looked great, but Michael double checked and made some minor adjustments. Can you tell that he’s a perfectionist?

At this same time, you can check out more customization options and a style guide to help you visualize what you’ll get. There is truly something for everyone!

Submit your order.

Comfort Works will confirm that everything looks great before shipping your order. The delivery typically takes 4-5 weeks.

Putting the slipcover on.

Putting the slipcover on was a pretty intuitive process. There are tags inside each piece that tells you exactly where everything belongs. For a fitted look at the bottom, you just staple the velcro (included with each slipcover) to the bottom of your sofa.

It’s as easy as that! A beautiful and durable slipcover that will completely transform your sofa.

This post was sponsored by Comfort Works. All thoughts are my own.

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