Complete tour of our kitchen

Before we rip our kitchen out, I’m going to give it the pretty little blog post it deserves.

This kitchen has treated us well! It’s has a lot of room for improvement, but we’ve done well with what we have.

This kitchen has treated us well! It’s has a lot of room for improvement, but we’ve done well with what we have.

We added some shelves to help us organize our lower cabinets. It’s not pretty, but it works pretty well! We usually store our dutch oven and our single pot in here. Just in case you were wondering…we are a one pot and a dutch oven family. We have a cast iron skillet as well that never leaves the stove. It’s all we need for now.

Our “junk” drawer

Above the cutting boards, mixing bowls, and dutch oven, we have our “junk” drawer. I say “junk” because we use everything in here almost every day, but it doesn’t have any theme. It’s candles and straws, kitchen utensils and tea, pens and essential oils…but it all looks pretty tidy thanks to this organizer and beautiful everyday products from public goods.

Hidden garbage was a big deal for me, especially with two nosy dogs.

Tucking the garbage into a cabinet is high priority for our next kitchen design as well. Our under sink cabinet is home to our trash, trash bags, and cleaning supplies.

The upper cabinets are a point of frustration for me. With only being 5’2”, almost everything in this kitchen is hard for me to reach. I have a step stool that lives in the tiny sliver above the fridge, but I rarely put it away because I use it every time I’m in the kitchen.

Our small pantry is a pain point, but also my favorite cabinet of the kitchen.

We’ve been able to make it work and maximize our space by investing in these stackable storage containers. We also have gotten good at meal planning. We almost entirely empty out the pantry each week. I love how easy it is to stay organized and keep tabs on the foods we have with this system.

Having a uniform look for spices and other small items has reduced the visual chaos, but we are still hurting for more space! 

Over the past year, I purchased all of my spices from Whole Foods, peeled off the labels, and made my own with my Cricut.

Our upper cabinets are home to a hodgepodge of things.

Plates, glassware, small appliances, surplus baking supplies, and some serveware. Cabinet organizer have helped maximize this space.

The silverware drawer just happens to fit our silverware tray, knife block and food scale perfectly. It was a satisfying coincidence. There’s just enough extra room for measuring cups and a small set of salt and pepper shakers

The lower cabinet is home to all of our baking ingredients, more measuring cups and things that don’t have a home.

Usually we have a couple of onions, potatoes and canned food under here. A pull out organizer has made this space significantly more functional, but still has a lot of room for improvement.

The cabinet above the fridge is where we store most of our baking trays, serveware, and our instant pot. I live in fear of all of this toppling down every time I need to get something out of this cupboard.

Our open shelving has been so functional for us.

We use everything up here everyday, and it makes me happy to have a stylish and practical storage solution.

Below the open shelving though? The absolute biggest eyesore of the kitchen. Even with shelf organizers, it’s just so hard to find any structure in a giant cabinet like this. This is our black hole. I’m sorry you had to see it. It’s home to…dog food, soda stream, coffee maker, mason jars, party supplies? water bottles? tiny dutch ovens?

The inside of the drawers have a moment of redemption with one dedicated to koozies and kitchen towels, and the other for food storage.

I’ve loved these nesting glass lock storage containers.

We use them for leftovers and can fit so many of them in a small drawer.

See? Our current kitchen is not so bad! But I’m so looking forward to making some pretty substantial improvements!

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