Three ways to style a functional entryway

I love keeping an entryway simple, functional, and welcoming.

We recently got a new entryway table after having nothing in the entryway for a long time and I’ve been having so much fun decorating it.

Perhaps even more than I love playing around with styling the entryway, I’ve really loved having a designated area to drop our keys and wallets when we get home. No more running around the house looking for those things on our way out the door!

The living room extension

This setup is perfect for a living room entry. Coffee table books are stacked with a catchall for keys and other odds and ends on top. Add a lamp for ambient lighting and tuck ottomans under for additional seating when you have guests over.

Get the look: Table | Pouf | Lamp Base | Lamp Shade | Books | Concrete Bowl

The warm welcome

This direction is a little less functional than the first, but who doesn’t love being greeted by fresh florals when they walk through the door? A picture frame adds height to the setup and and small tray can still catch your keys as you walk through the door. The oversized basket is perfect for storing blankets or even extra hats and mittens if you live in a cooler climate!

Get the look: Table | Lidded Basket | Blanket | Vase | 16″x20″ Frame | Free Printable Artwork | Tray | Candle

The fresh arrival

All my plant-loving friends will be happy to see an entryway styled almost exclusively with plants. PS there is definitely room for more if you want to skip the record player! But I’m definitely gravitating towards spinning an old record and giving all of my plants a good drink.

Get the look: Table | Prayer Plant | Ficus Plant | Record Player | Marble Trivet | Spray Bottle

No matter how you decorate your entryway, my best advice is to lean into whatever makes you feel welcome and happy to be home.

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