We closed! Recap on the past 6 months

We signed the big stack of documents and wired the down payment and now she’s ours!

Back in January when we were feeling out the size and scope of this project we thought that closing would have come sooner — like 2 or 3 months ago. Fortunately, we did have this extra time to think through things and get everything lined up to be able to execute the project.

If you’re just joining us now, here’s what we’ve been up to:

We started the year just like any other and put together a budget with the thought that we might be taking on a big project in 2021. Scope creep (or maybe naivety) definitely increased our initial budget for the project, but we were able to make cuts elsewhere to make it happen.

We got our initial draft of floor plans and discussed the “problems” with the existing floor plan we were trying to solve.

We had a small crisis of confidence in our original floor plan design, which made us realize why hallways are a thing and the benefits of a larger kitchen footprint.

I introduced the renovation loan products that are enabling us to take on a project like this, the pros/cons of each, and why we wanted to go this route over a complete demo and rebuild.

We’ve been thinking hard about the style, feel, and function of this house for several months now. Grace wrote a style guide that visually integrates our mission and vision for the spaces in the house.

I posted about renting out our Houston house and what to consider when becoming a “remote” landlord the day we drove to Florida to start our new adventure.

While we’ve had some delays over the past few months, we’re both focusing on enjoying the process and getting to know our new community. From stories we’ve heard from other complete renovations/new builds we’re ahead of the game in that we have already thought through finishes which gets us a more accurate picture on total cost and builder allowances for finishes won’t limit us since we’ve picked them out! 

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