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Free printable vintage artwork holiday gift tags

I was printing out free vintage winter artwork for some quick and easy holiday decor when I had the idea to incorporate those art pieces in to gift wrapping.

I am always tempted to spend approximately more than the value of the gift on beautiful wrapping paper, so I am very happy to have an adorable and low cost way to dress up my gifts!


When you have all of your supplies gathered and the tags printed out, you’re ready to get crafting!

I always like to use an exacto knife and ruler for cutting things like this, but scissors can also get the job done! Scissors are slightly less precise, but a lot safer if you’re doing this with children or aren’t comfortable with an exacto knife. I designed the files to have a thin white line on the primary tags that you can cut along. The secondary labels have a very faint gray line that you may have to strain your eyes to see, but neither line should be noticeable when you cut the pieces out.

There are two ways to finish these up. The first option is to use a paper hole punch and punch directly through the small circles that are on the printable.

String ribbon through and you’re done! You can mix and match the two tag styles or just use one as a standalone. There’s lots of room to make these your own!

The second option is to use paper rivets. I think rivets elevate so many crafts—especially gift tags! And I love the tiny pop of brass!

If you want to use both tags with the rivets, I think punching a hole in both pieces helps line them up more easily.

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