Gifting with glassybaby

As we roll into the season of giving, I am reminding myself of the resolution I made at the beginning of 2019.

I promised myself that I would be a more intentional consumer by shopping slower, smaller and more sustainably. Of all the wonderful shops I’ve discovered this year that fit the bill, glassybaby has been my favorite go-to gift to give this year.

A glassybaby is a unique piece of hand-blown glass art. $3 from the sale of each glassybaby is donated to the glassybaby white light fund to promote hope and healing. glassybaby has given over $10 million since 2001. Each glassybaby is sustainably produced in hotshops in Seattle or Berkeley.

when clouds cover the sky, they water the plants that grow green and make oxygen, for us to breathe

The first glassybaby I gifted was breathe. My mom was staying with me while traveling for work and I set up the guest room with all of the essentials and surprised her with a glassybaby. We lit the candle, watched the light illuminate the room, and talked about our day every night of her visit. Lighting the glassybaby has become a ritual for my mom. She continues to light it almost every night and takes a moment to breathe and soak in the soft glow and happy flickering light.

it may be a thousand miles from where you were born. maybe you’ve never been there before. but if people that you love are near, maybe it’s home sweet home

My sister moved to Milwaukee from a year abroad in Spain over the summer. I had a bunch of things that I was taking over to her new apartment and strategically placed the glassybaby at the bottom of the pile. It was the last thing she unpacked and the poem that comes with the glassbaby could not have been more fitting in that moment. We celebrated her homecoming by lighting the home sweet home glassybaby and admiring it against the backdrop of her new home!

the snuggle smells like sleeping bodies, sounds like happy birds. we can only talk by touching. still unawake to words

I put this gift together for my friend and her newborn baby! She named her baby Cora, and the coral tones of snuggle were the perfect addition to this gift basket. I love the idea of a glassybaby as a milestone marker and sentimental object to celebrate some of the bigger things in life. I wanted a mix of gifts for mom and gifts for baby, and I think the glassybaby is a good gift for both.

you can’t remember a name the first time you hear it. but about the shape of a smile, or the smell of a shampoo, you have the memory of an elephant

Sympathy gifts are always hard, but glassybaby has a great selection of bereavement and healing options. I looked through every single different glassybaby available before selecting elephant for my friend after her mother was diagnosed with alzheimer’s. She is still in the thick of her grief, and needs all of the uplifting she can get.

I love that glassybaby can be interpreted in so many ways and is a meaningful gift for so many occasions AND that glassybaby is a brand I can trust to use my purchases to make the world a better place. I’ve already been thinking about which glassybabys will end up under my Christmas tree this year!

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