How I’m using our move as a chance to reset

We decided to take on a huge full home renovation project across the country within the first week of the New Year.

I’m usually very good about setting New Year Resolutions and sticking to them, but the quick change of plans this year has thrown me off and I am in need of a reset. 

I’m using my “fresh start” energy from our move as a kickoff to form better habits that I am hoping will stick for good. I’ve already started incorporating these small shifts and have been feeling more balanced and I am feeling encouraged to keep finessing my routine. 

Photo snapped while on a morning walk

Go on a walk to start the day 

For the past couple of years, we’ve had the luxury of having a fenced in yard to easily let the dogs out while we crawl back in bed. And then I’ll often find myself going straight from bed to work. Typically I won’t even get dressed or ready for the day until I have a lull in work in the late morning or early afternoon. 

Our current housing situation does not have a fenced in yard, and I am forced to take my dogs out on a walk every morning and it has been amazing. Carving out just a little bit of time to get moving and enjoy the morning before diving in to work has felt like a little luxury that I’ve been cheating myself out of. 

I’ve been having fun tracking my walks and all of my exercise on Strava. I’m not working towards any fitness goal beyond just moving, but it’s been satisfying and motivating to see my activity levels! 

Eat breakfast

Most days I don’t eat anything until I start feeling shaky around 11am. I eat something small and then have a huge drop in energy and focus around 2pm. 

I really don’t like eating first thing in the morning, so I have started to drink very wholesome juice to have a healthier start to my day. The extra perk with juice is that I’m craving less processed sugar and am already feeling a pep in my step only a couple weeks in to this small addition to my new routine. 

One of many beautiful trips to the beach


Morning walks, a decent breakfast AND a mid-day break. It’s a HUGE shift for me. I had been waking up, going straight to my computer, and working straight through the day. I love my job to a fault, so I set clear boundaries to give myself permission to get away and mostly prevent those feelings of burnout that I so often encounter. I’m working the exact same amount as I was before, just in structured blocks of time. 

Since blocking out time to specifically focus on certain tasks, I’ve noticed an enormous spike in my productivity overall. With concentrated attention, I can do more in less time and I still have energy for my creative pursuits outside of my job. 

Enjoying a screen-free break with a picnic on the beach

Get away from a screen

I was at my computer, my phone or watching TV ALL DAY. Every Day. I’m turning to good old fashioned paper books for my nightly entertainment. My brain actually turns off and I get much better sleep by replacing TV time with reading before bed,

I treated myself to a Book of the Month membership in place of my Netflix subscription. Now there’s really nothing on TV, but there is always something ready to be read. Plus, I’ll have some pretty new books to display on our bookshelves and to share with guests when we are done with the renovation! I’ll start renting from the library when I get in the reading groove. Maybe I’ll even join a book club!

Small, but mighty! Those four things have granted me some long lost and much needed zen. Have you made any shifts to your routine lately?

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