Our laundry room makeover (for the third time)

It’s been a little over a year since we did our first laundry room makeover, and we have already moving on to the third version of this space.

The first round was all about function. We started with a completely empty room aside from the washer and dryer.

We added bead board on the walls, a DIY plywood countertop, a cabinet for storage, and a DIY leather clothes hanging rod, and hooks for brooms and mops. I was not sure what color I wanted to paint this room, so I opted for Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray, which was the same color as our kitchen cabinets at the time and paint I had on hand.

I am usually pretty detailed with my design plans, but this time around I just did a quick sketch and it turned out surprisingly accurate!

Overall, this transformation has been so practical and functional and I really think it’s a great use of the space we have.

It wasn’t long after we initially finished the room that we changed it up. I worked in collaboration with A Street Prints to install Windsong Crane Wallpaper in Grey. I paired it with PPG Whippet for a soft and whimsical look.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 1
Phase 2

The most recent update un-did the wallpaper (it’s easier to remove than you might think if you follow proper installation instructions!) and opted for a bold paint color.

Going bold in a small room is a bit of an optical illusion. The dark color tricks your eye into thinking the room is larger.

The dark color helps the DIY leather clothes hanging rod really pops against the dark paint! The color with the wainscoting is also a nice traditional juxtaposition against the more modern clothes hanger.

Simple shaker hooks and a slim shelf over the top of the wainscoting adds much needed organization and simple storage to the space.

This room has seen quite a few variations, but I think this last version might have staying power!

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