Minimal Christmas decor

A couple years I decided that I hated Christmas decorations. I was a little bit wrong and a little bit right.

What I really hate is not the decorations themselves, but the excess in general. But going really minimal made me feel like a real grinch, because I do love Christmas—just not all the stuff. Luckily, I’ve had a change of heart and a change of strategy and now I love decking the halls. I don’t do much, but I do the perfect amount of decorating for me.

Set the mood with fragrance

The sense of smell is a powerful one. I associate the smell of fresh pine trees with Christmas, so I’m always looking for ways to add pine fragrance without necessarily getting a live Christmas tree. I love diffusing Spruce essential oil and burning pine scented candles. In addition to loving the fragrance, I love the warm glow and festive ambiance from a candle. I also light a lot of votive candles throughout the holiday season to add to the cozy and sparkly vibe.

I also like to swap out some things for slightly more festive options — like that small stack of red and green books pictured above. We also keep a small Norfolk pine tree potted outside all year and bring it in for the holidays. It takes 5 minutes to decorate, no pine trees were killed in the process, and no need to store a bulky fake tree for the rest of the year.

Hang stockings with care

Stockings are an absolute must in my Christmas decor. I made these crochet stockings a couple years ago and now that we have a fireplace and mantle I love them even more! If we lived somewhere with evergreens, I would definitely try to forage to make my own garland, but for now a faux garland is good enough for me.

Exterior cheer

We just string some lights in the bushes and call it good enough because just a little bit of twinkly light is enough. Last year I purchased a set of brass bells for the front door and I love this as a wreath alternative. They won’t die like a live wreath would and are a timeless and cheerful addition to any door. I love hearing the chime when the door opens!

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