One Room Challenge: Week 6

We made it!!! The One Room Challenge has come to a close and we are SO excited to share the whole thing!

This project has been so much fun for us. We learned so many new skills ( paint spraying, brick laying, door hanging, and even furniture building!!) and are so happy with how our updated curb appeal.

We moved all the way across the country to our new construction bungalow in June of 2018 and have been slowly making our house a home ever since. Moving cross country is difficult for so many reasons, but I’ve found that working on our house has helped me feel happier with where I live and more at home. The more work we put into this house, the more proud I feel of it and this exterior project has even made me feel more connected to the neighborhood we live in, which has been an unexpected but welcome outcome!

Our neighborhood was one of the first planned subdivisions in Houston and has been around since 1913. Craftsman and Foursquare style bungalows were built through the 1940s and many are well maintained and still standing or being restored. There is also a fair amount of homes in disrepair in our neighborhood, which has resulted in an exciting wave of new construction like our house.

The biggest goal in our exterior renovation was the make the style more “us”, but also to honor our surroundings. We adore historic homes, and really wanted our new house to echo some of the more traditional elements that we love in our area. We added brick as a nod to the Foursquare architecture, blue tile to do our part in historic preservation, a salvaged and restored wood door to bring in warmth, and refined our color palette to lean more traditional.

The wood door was a labor of love. It took Michael about a month to restore and it took us 8 very stressful hours to hang. We were joking that we would take the door with us when we eventually move, but I refuse to ever be part of another door-hanging.

House was painted with Valspar Nocturnal Green. White accents are in Sherwin Williams Snowbound. Deck stain is Behr Slate.

Door was salvaged from RePurpose Depot, metal door plate, doorknob in satin brass, rug, door mat, house numbers painted with brass enamel paint, tile house number, brick

Chair plans are from Williams House Blog, cushions, end table, throw pillow

We also used our freshly painted house as an excuse to throw a little party! I made drink menus and koozies to match our blue tiles because I can’t resist a little branding project. We named the drinks after elements of our project and things in our neighborhood.

This has been our favorite project to date! Thank you for following along and sticking with us for the past six weeks! Make sure to check out all of the other reveals today!

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