Our mini bedroom refresh

My dream is for our bedroom to have boutique hotel vibes. I know that’s up for interpretation, but to me it means clean, comfortable, and just a tiny bit of glam and quirky charm. The other must-haves in the bedroom (aside from a bed) is somewhere to sit, a place to set a glass of wine at night and a cup of coffee in the morning, a convenient spot to charge your phone through the night, and ambient lighting.

In this low budget refresh, we shifted the style of our room to feel cleaner and more luxurious, created a designated space on the table for our beverages, and cozied up our seating area.

Before — You can see the mismatched pillows and quilt hanging wasn’t feeling as luxurious as we wanted it to.

The credenza was being crowded by the TV, and we were missing out on valuable countertop real estate with the TV taking up so much space.

Artwork Update

I made the quilt that was there using a Haptic Labs DIY quilt kit of Madison, Wisconsin, which is where Michael and I met. It had a little bit of sentimental value, but we wanted to make our space feel a little bit more grown up. I knew I wanted large artwork, but didn’t want to break the bank, so I opted for two 18×24 prints. These frames from Amazon are so nice for the price. We now own three of the exact same ones. I also knew I wanted some kind of diptych that was kind of couple-y, without words that specifically say “his” and “hers”. Luckily, on my quest for affordable and not cheesy artwork, I stumbled upon Jenny’s Print Shop. It was hard for me to decide which ones I loved the most, but I narrowed it down and picked Knots I & II because they were the most neutral and those brushstrokes are just beautiful. We got them printed through vistaprint and I was so pleased with how great the quality is and how inexpensive it ended up being!

New pillows

I have to say that I was a bit suspect when I was shopping around for pillows and came across these velvet pillow covers for only $6/each. For that price, I would expect something kind of scratchy feeling and thin, but these are the real deal, people. They are soooo soft and nice. I’m so impressed. We got two 18”x18” in dark blue and they are the little luxurious touch we were looking for. I also bought a vintage rug pillow from an Etsy shop called Modaline Pillows. It came super quickly from Turkey and is incredible quality. I’m anticipating loving it for many years to come!

We hung the TV

This is perhaps the most spectacular part of the bedroom update. Our TV was sitting on top of the credenza and just really weighing it down. With an inexpensive wall mount and the TV up on the wall, we now have the entire top of the credenza to style (yay!) and most importantly to us is that we have a clear countertop to be able to put things on without blocking our view of the TV. For $22 we were regretting not having done this sooner.

Velvet pillows from Amazon

Lumbar pillow from Modaline Pillows on Etsy

These little updates have made a huge difference, but I’m already thinking about the next steps to make this space even better! The space between the bed and the closet doors is pretty tight, and we don’t think we can fit in end tables without crowding the room, but having a place to put a few things is important to us. We are thinking that we might do a kind of board and batten wall between the closet doors, but extruded about 6 inches to give us just enough room for a shelf to serve the function of end tables.

image-asset (14)

Our lighting situation is pretty good in here, but I also want to upgrade here and add some wall sconces behind our bed. Then Michael and I would never have to argue about who has to get up to turn off the lamp again or stumble over the floor lamp that is currently next to the bed. Hopefully that update will be coming soon!

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