We’ve got a new project on our hands!

We’re in the process of buying a house.

No one is more surprised than we are. (Ehem, I cancel all of my New Years Resolutions 🙈)

Moving anytime soon wasn’t on our radar. Moving to Florida was never once an idea that crossed my mind. Nor was a full home renovation. But here we are, with a 1959 ranch and a tremendous amount of work ahead of us.

exterior of our new house

This house comes along with a story. My Uncle Tim purchased it after a foreclosure in 2011. He bought the place for less than $50,000 and it was in need of all of the things, but he saw how nice the neighborhood was and figured it would be a great investment (He was right!). 

He put up all new drywall, updated the air conditioning, new flooring, and a handful of other improvements. He was off to a great start, and then he put the house on hold while he struggled with his health, and the house started falling apart again. 

Uncle Tim died last December and left this house behind. He didn’t have a will, but he always said that he wanted to keep the house in the family. The problem with that is that our family is huge and sharing a house with a ton of people just doesn’t work logistically. Especially considering the current condition of the house. 

In the past year or two, almost every system in the house has failed and needs to be repaired. We’re talking new plumbing, electrical, roof, and HVAC. It’s an enormous project, but when it presented itself, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy the property from the estate. 

Me & Uncle Tim, 1997

I’m so excited to have this project to honor my Uncle Tim and create this special space for the rest of my family to enjoy. Vacations to Florida to visit my Uncle Tim were a huge part of my childhood, and I love the idea of continuing the tradition with my own children someday. It’s all a lofty dream right now, but I envision this house becoming a family heirloom for us. 

One of many family road trips to visit Uncle Tim in Florida, 1999

We plan on living there for the next couple of years and hopefully can hang on to it for many years to come, but at the very least it’ll be a profitable flip—which honestly might be a more accurate way to honor my cheapskate Uncle Tim. 

Note: More photos coming soon! We intend on cleaning up the house a bit before sharing. Stay tuned for that!

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