The three things I look for when shopping for rugs

While we haven’t officially started our kitchen renovation, we’ve been designing it and searching for the perfect rug for the space.

This process has been surprisingly simple, thanks to Revival Rugs! I usually find the process of choosing a rug a little bit tricky, but over time I’ve come up with a checklist that has made the task so much easier!

1. Size

Size is the most important thing! For our wide galley kitchen, we needed a wide runner rug. We’ve made the mistake of having too small of rugs in the past, and I’ve learned that bigger is better. A proper sized rug will anchor the space. The size that we determined would work best in our kitchen immediately narrowed down my search quite a bit as a 4’x12’ rug is an unusual size. Lucky for me, Revival Rugs has a great search feature to filter down to exactly the size of rug that would fit my space AND they have a lot of long and wide options!

2. Material

I always look for 100% wool rugs in high traffic areas. Wool is naturally stain resistant and can handle the kind of wear and tear, and occasional spill found in the kitchen. With regular cleaning, a wool rug can last for decades.

I know there’s some debate about putting a nice rug in the kitchen, but I’m totally in favor of it! I would prefer wearing down a wool rug over many years versus wearing through a synthetic rug in a fraction of that time. Most vintage rugs are wool, and that’s a huge reason why they’ve survived the test of time in the first place!

3. Color flow

The last thing I consider is color. I was looking for something that would transition from the living room and compliment the space without competing with it. Revival Rugs has a very helpful search tool to narrow your search by color, which truly saved me hours of scrolling through hundreds of rugs! I looked in the beige category because I wanted to play off of the color of our couch in the living room to help tie the two spaces together.

I hope that those three things I look for in a rug also help you on your search for the perfect rug! If you’re in the market for a new rug, especially a vintage rug, make sure to check out Revival Rugs! AND you can use code COLLECTED_ECLECTIC10 at checkout for 10% off your new favorite rug!

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