Scrap fabric mini stocking ornament

Every year as we get in to the holiday season I get a major itch to make some crafts.

Lucky for me, I had accumulated a bunch of pretty fabric scraps over the past year and found the perfect solution for getting some crafting out of my system and cleaning out my supply bins.

These tiny stockings are great for ornaments, but can also double as pretty adorable gift toppers. They can even work as standalone gifts stuffed with little luxuries like jewelry, small cosmetics, cash, or anything you can think to fit in there!

Start by gathering supplies, downloading the pattern, and printing it out. In addition to fabric scraps, you’ll want about 3” of a thin ribbon. You can also cut fabric to use as a ribbon alternative. I used thin strips of faux leather and it worked wonderfully.

Use the pattern to cut 2 pieces in mirror image of the stocking lining, 2 pieces in mirror image of the stocking outside, and 2 stocking cuffs.

Face the good sides (the parts that you want facing outside in the end) of the stocking outside with the stocking cuff. Sew along the edge and then flip open and press the seam.

Adding the ribbon is the trickiest part, but I promise it is not too challenging! Face your good side of the freshly pressed stocking face up and fold a 3” cutting of a ribbon so that both ends are meeting at the edge of the cuff. Stack the wrong side (the side that you want facing in) of the stocking lining so that the ribbon is sandwiched in between the lining and cuff layers.

At this point the ribbon should be exposed on the good side with a small tail on the reverse side. Press the seams and do the same thing for the remaining pieces, but you can skip over adding the ribbon.

Stack the two strips of stockings with the good sides facing towards each other in a neat stack. Sew around the perimeter leaving a gap large enough for you to turn it inside out. I like to leave the bottom half of the cuff open so that there isn’t any visible stitching in the end and it gives me a nice straight gap to sew up.

Pull the stocking right side out and stitch up your hole.

And now the magic happens! Stuff the lining into the toe of the stocking and smooth the fabric out until the seams between the outside of the stocking and the bottom of the cuff meet. At the point it will look almost complete with an extra long and skinny cuff. Just fold that cuff over and you’ll be done! The ribbon will be poking out at the top of the stocking ready to be hung on the tree or topped on a gift.

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