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Battery-powered sconce hack

Michael September 13, 2020 After we finished our kitchen we realized that the spaces above the counter and on either side of our new window


DIY brick range hood

Grace van Meurer August 12, 2020 This DIY brick range hood was inspired by our DIY brick fireplace project and ended up being the very


Ikea apron sink cabinet hack

Michael August 5, 2020 Ikea cabinets are great, but their modularity can sometimes become constraining. Case-in-point: Ikea sink cabinets are really only designed to receive


Phase 1 kitchen reveal

Grace van Meurer July 16, 2020 We are still waiting on a few finishing touches, but we just about wrapped up with the first half


The evolution of our kitchen plans

Grace van Meurer May 28, 2020 Last weekend, we officially kicked off our kitchen project and I realized a lot of our plans have changed,


Complete tour of our kitchen

Grace van Meurer March 9, 2020 Before we rip our kitchen out, I’m going to give it the pretty little blog post it deserves. This