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08 - Restoring a hardwood armchair@0.5x

Restoring a hardwood armchair

Michael January 20, 2021 I purchased a Joybird Z-chair for my first apartment about 5 years ago. A few weeks after we got Sunny he


DIY potting bench with utility sink

Michael walks through how to build your own rugged cedar potting bench complete with a utility sink and dual city water supply and rain barrel gravity water supply.


Battery-powered sconce hack

Michael September 13, 2020 After we finished our kitchen we realized that the spaces above the counter and on either side of our new window


Ikea apron sink cabinet hack

Michael August 5, 2020 Ikea cabinets are great, but their modularity can sometimes become constraining. Case-in-point: Ikea sink cabinets are really only designed to receive


DIY wood picture frames

Michael June 18, 2020 Realizing that we have nearly no photos of each other framed around the house, and wanting to gift our current gallery


Tools to get started woodworking

Michael May 14, 2020 If you know anything about our home, you know that it is not particularly large. The same goes for the plot


DIY modern slat pergola

Michael April 18, 2020 After struggling with our lawn for the past couple of months, we committed to mulching over it entirely. It’s practical, low