Vintage rug throw pillow covers that won’t break the bank

When I first started getting serious about decorating my home I found myself gravitating towards all the trendy textiles that I could pick up at Target or basically any other big box store.

As time has moved on, so have those trends and most of those textiles have not stood the test of time.

As my style has developed a bit more, I’ve come to realize that the more unique and original an item is, the more I love it. This is especially true for textiles. And the great news is that you can find some really beautiful one of a kind textiles at really affordable prices if you know where to look! Here are a few of my favorite sources:

This seller has a huge inventory with 20”x20” covers for under $25. Search for “Beige” or “White” for some really great neutral foundation pieces to set yourself up with a basic starting point that has great texture and character.

I’m a repeat customer to this shop and they also have an enormous inventory that is constantly being updated. I’ve been really impressed with the quality and shipping speeds in the past and you can find 20”x20” pillow covers for under $25!

In addition to the more eclectic rug pillows, this shop also has an awesome selection of neutrals for under $10. Lot’s of subtle greyscale patterns and you seriously can’t beat those prices.

If you’re looking for something soft and sweet, this shop has a bunch of subtle distressed options that will run you about $40 for a 20”x20” cover. They stock more colorful options as well, so take a peak around their shop if you’re looking for a mix of styles!

Looking for something more bold and colorful? These pillow covers come in a variety of sizes ranging from $14 to $33. The bright colors would be perfect in a boho home or a quirky tween bedroom!

This shop stocks the widest selection of floral and feminine colors that I’ve come across. They are a variety of sizes mostly retailing for under $35. I adore the floral patterns and am tempted to really lean into granny chic with these looks in my own home.

In addition to these shops with already made pillows, I also really enjoy buying pretty fabric and sewing them into throw pillows. If you’re new to sewing, or only want enough fabric to make a single pillow cover, my craft kits are a great starting point to learn how!

Whether you’re looking for interesting basics or a bold statement piece, you’ll surely find something on Etsy. I like to search for “vintage rug pillow”, or “kilim pillow” to pull up a ton of results, or go directly to the shops linked above!

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