Welcome to the dark side of the bedroom

Michael and I just wrapped up a bedroom makeover and it is…dramatic.

It all started a few weeks ago when we upgraded from a queen to a king bed. Shuffling the beds around led us to completely rethink the guest bedroom and my work room (more on that later) and now we are finally back where we started in the master bedroom.

Like many other rooms in our house, this bedroom was pretty much a blank slate. It is a 12’x12’ room with two windows and only one possible location for the bed because of the door placement. Almost immediately after we moved in, I painted the room SW Sea Salt and felt so good about having a splash of color in our otherwise white house. After we got our grown up king bed, the color started to bother me and I wanted to elevate this room a little more.

The main goal in this bedroom was to hide the closet doors behind the bed and highlight the adorable transom windows over the door to the bathroom. We decided to hide the doors by camouflaging them into a board and batten feature wall and then fill the perimeter of the room with a half wall of board and batten.

I was leaning towards a lighter gray color, but my husband voted for the black. I had a gut feeling that it would feel too dark and heavy because of fairly low light in this room (and that it’s just a LOT of black), but took the chance and guess what? I shouldn’t have. It’s a little on the bold side for me.

I don’t think it’s bad…just not really me. It is the bedroom equivalent of me in a leather jacket when I’m clearly a denim jacket kind of girl. I always want my space to reflect my personality and I never want to be as dramatic as this bedroom. It doesn’t feel like the cozy space I’m after.

I’m going to live with the dark room for a couple of weeks and let myself recover from all of that detailed painting. 

Maybe it will grow on me before I go back to the drawing board and try a different (cough cough, safer) color.

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