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The Fox Family Den


Brand Identity / Website Design + Development

© Studio van M, 2022

Elise Fox of The Fox Family Den is an influencer in the home decor and lifestyle space. The Fox Family Den brand was designed to reflect Elise’s adventurous aesthetic and the tasteful blend of modern and vintage in her home.


Fox Family Den identity design embossed logotype

The primary logo type features a bold and funky custom sans serif font. 

Fox Family Den home exterior of which the branding is based upon
Photo courtesy of Elise Fox
Fox Family Den logo mark with letters "D-E-N" hidden in the iconic house shape

The mark is a silhouette of the Fox Family Den house with the primary shapes made from the letters in “Den”.

Fox Family Den website assets
Fox Family Den single page brand style guide
Fox Family Den library
Photo courtesy of Elise Fox