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Collected Eclectic


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Collected Eclectic was a personal project intended to combine my passion for graphic design with my desire to make our builder grade home in to something special. What began as a small Instagram account quickly grew into a blog with supporting marketing efforts, including sponsored content with lifestyle and home decor brands.

Collected Eclectic served as an outlet to explore new creative avenues including photography, website development, writing and overall storytelling.

Our Reach

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The Collected Eclectic brand was named for my approach to designing our first home—a calm space full of unique items collected over time. The branding reflects this with a quirky type pairing and grounding neutral colors.

Our Partnerships

Collaborating with brands on content creation was an integral part of the work done for Collected Eclectic. Sponsorships funded projects including most of a kitchen renovation, an outdoor space, and many smaller spaces with single product collaborations. 

Collaboration with Artifact Uprising

Collaboration with The Cabinet Face

Collaboration with Koni Materials

Collaboration with A-Street Prints

Collaboration with The Tile Shop

Collaboration with Emtek

Collected Eclectic blog art direction and photography

Our Influence

We cultivated a community that inspired engagement and action. Our content became a launching point for our audience to tackle their own DIY projects. We will never get tired of seeing our tutorials take on a new life in the homes of our readers.