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DARIO Panelized


DARIO Panelized is a pre-fabricated construction method that is elevating every facet of luxury construction. The panelized method allows any structure to be erected on site in days with minimal impact to the environment. 

This innovative building method is best explained through video, which were heavily incorporated in the website design.

The logo mark and typography for DARIO uses the panels as a launching point. The disconnected “A” resembles the panels coming together and the mark echoes the layers that go in to each build. 

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DARIO Villas are small footprint luxury homes constructed from 99% recycled steel. We created a brochure for the well-designed dwellings available for purchase.

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The DARIO Panelized website features a smooth loading animation, subtle typographic animations, full bleed imagery, an inventory catalog and a lot of video to explain the unique building process. 

video courtesy of client