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kinney block


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kinney block has all your walls covered. Literally, all of them. 

The new product line is a collection of vertical surface blocks for interior and exterior use. Made from sustainable composite concrete, these blocks are naturally energy efficient, weather resistant and made to last a lifetime. The concept was born from a commercial project on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California and has since grown into a full line of tiles.

Studio van M collaborated with Talia Laconi—the product designer and founder of kinney block—to bring this new product and brand to market. The brand launch included branding, packaging, collateral, and an e-commerce website. 

Not your basic brick
Not your basic brick

Meet kinney block.

The kinney block brand identity pairs a feminine and trendy logotype with a blocky (pun intended) headline font. The earthy color palette inspired by the product line brings the effortless California cool energy that this product demands.

See for

The sample box

We incorporated charcoal line drawings and textured backgrounds to graphically translate the earthiness of the product.

This process is honestly way more fun than I thought it would be! I want you to design all the things.

Talia Laconi, Founder of kinney block