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Village Inn

photograph courtesy of client Client: Village Inn Services: © Studio van M, 2022 The Village Inn is a casual restaurant chain that is undergoing a


HENRO Company

HENRO Company is a small shop focused on sourcing handmade decor and home fragrances.

The family-owned brand came to us for their rebrand to shift their brand positioning to a higher end market. The full-scope branding project included logo design, robust brand guidelines, art direction, and packaging.


DARIO Panelized

DARIO Panelized is a pre-fabricated construction method that is elevating every facet of luxury construction. The panelized method allows any structure to be erected on site in days with minimal impact to the environment. 

This innovative building method is best explained through video, which were heavily incorporated in the website design.


Amaranth Floral Atelier

Amaranth Floral Atelier is a luxury florist with a storefront inside the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown. 

We worked with existing branding to revamp the Amaranth Floral Atelier E-Commerce store. Subtle animations and a focus on large photography were combined to create a clean and dynamic storefront.


The Fox Family Den

Elise Fox of The Fox Family Den is an influencer in the home decor and lifestyle space. The Fox Family Den brand was designed to reflect Elise’s adventurous aesthetic and the tasteful blend of modern and vintage in her home.


Craven Haven

Studio van M collaborated with Craven Haven to design and develop a content website focused on easy access to Mackenzie’s latest home renovation updates, shopping finds, mood boards, motherhood and antics.

Collected Eclectic

Collected Eclectic

Collected Eclectic was a personal project intended to combine my passion for graphic design with my desire to make our builder grade home in to something special. What began as a small Instagram account quickly grew into a blog with supporting marketing efforts, including sponsored content with lifestyle and home decor brands.


kinney block

kinney block is not your basic brick. The new product line is a collection of vertical surface blocks for interior and exterior use. Studio van M brought this new product and brand to market with a brand launch including identity design, packaging, collateral, and an e-commerce website.